Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goodness of Oats

Oats are type of  grains that have lot of nutritional value and are eaten as porridge, also one can use oats to make cereal bars , or even make oatmeal cookies. I like to have a warm cup of freshly made oatmeal with brown sugar, and nuts. It is the ultimate comforting food in the morning.Oats have number of good benefits , they are high in fibre, also they help lower the cholesterol levels, and maintain good health.

Basic recipe below  to prepare Oats and start your morning with a cup of warm oats :) with nuts or fresh berries... perfect beginning to the day. You can also make the oats ahead to save time. Enjoy a cup of oats with fresh fruits, nuts, honey. Also some people eat them the savoury way, like prepare oats initially cooking it with water , after they are cooked add in your choice of savoury ingredients, like cheddar, and spices.

Adding brown sugar and nuts to cooked oats

 2 cups old fashioned  rolled oats
1 cup water
1 cup 1 % milk
2 tspn brown sugar
1/4 cup mixed nuts
1 tspn fresh berries (optional)

1. Prepare the oats using 1 cup water ,cook together in medium sauce pan for about  10 minutes covered with a lid, on medium heat. Check to see if  oats have cooked and softened.
2. Add in 1 cup milk, stir in brown sugar and after adding nuts cover the lid again for another 5 minutes to allow the nuts to cook in the steam.
Ready to serve, put into a bowl and enjoy with fresh berries or extra nuts, or adding little more milk, which ever way you like it .

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