Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home made Pizza

All kids love pizza, and at my home we believe there's no pizza like home made pizza. I have previously made home made pizza sauce that my kids absolutely love to have by spoon too:))
Recipe below is for a semi home pizza made with store bought dough, it saves time . Now you can use store bought sauce or look at my blog recipe of home made sauce , making pizza at home is not only delicious but totally worth it as all can get together in the preparation fun , and get to add toppings that we love. Kids can get involved in the making , so lots of fun for them too:))

1 pack ready dough
 1 cup store bought or home made marinara sauce
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2  tspn salt 
1cup thinly sliced bell peppers
1/2 cup thinly sliced tomatoes
1/2 cup thinly sliced red onions
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or Parmesan cheese
2 to 3 fresh cloves of finely minced garlic
1tspn chilly flakes
1tspn freshly chopped rosemary herb or 1 tspn store bought Italian seasoning herb mix
2 tbsp butter


Home made pizza sauce 


Making pizza  from dough

Pizza ready to bake


1 Heat butter in a sauce pan, add in crushed garlic. Cook for a minute or two, next add in fresh or store bought herbs , close burner. Keep aside.
2. Divide the dough into equal proportion and form each divided dough into medium sized ball.   Sprinkle little flour on a board, so that dough won't stick to the board. Work with each divided ball sized dough , one at a time .Place dough on board and using the palms of your hand gently pat dough,to flatten it using circular motion. , simultaneously work with your hands to kind of stretch the dough , like a rubber , as you try to make an oval or circular shape pizza  , pressing with your fingers ,note that it should be evenly uniform and  1/2 inch or less in thickness and approx 8 to 10 inches diameter. You can also use a rolling pin instead.
3.Using a baking sheet, sprinkle few drops olive oil to grease the baking sheet and place the flattened pizza onto the baking sheet. Adjust the shape, if required.
 Sprinkle each pizza with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle little salt over it.
Now comes the fun part, where kids can take turns too:) for the toppings
4.For  garlic lovers use the  prepared garlic herb butter as first topping that you can brush right onto the surface pizza , using a pastry brush. 
5.Next add a layer of marinara sauce and top with shredded cheese, sliced bell peppers and tomatoes and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes at 375 degrees and until the crust appears golden brown. Enjoy with friends and family or a treat just for your self.
Different toppings like mushrooms,pineapple little cubes,spinach,grilled  chicken pieces, mango pieces,  can be used to create a pizza of your choice.


  1. wow such an tempting pizza , you are really making me drool here :) looks yumm , wud love to grab few pieces right away !!

  2. Thanks Sonal for such nice comments

  3. Delicious & tempting pizza.......................looks so inviting.


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