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Raspberry Jello and Fruit Custard pudding

Raspberry Jello  and Fruit Custard pudding

A very cooling dessert, colourful and flavorful with fresh fruits and layered with your favourite flavor of jello and vanilla pudding, not to forget the layer of vanilla cake too.
For making this pudding you can use a packet of store bought instant vanilla pudding mix or make fresh custard by boiling milk and adding custard powder and later cooling it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. This dessert can be planned and prepared a day before you entertain as it tastes perfect cold.

500 ml cold milk use with 5 tbs custard powder or
2 packets of Vanilla Instant custard pudding(available in stores) with 3 cups cold milk to prepare custard pudding.
1 small box fresh strawberries,wash and slice thin.
1 tin mixed fruits in syrup
2 bananas,peel and slice thin 
2 apples,peeled and sliced thin.
1 cup grapes, wash and sliced thin
1 tin of pineapple rings sliced thin
1 packet Raspberry flavored Jello. Prepare Jello and refrigerate.
1 store bought plain vanilla sponge cake, or angle food cake Cut in thin slices.
1 bottle raspberry jam
 16 oz fresh cream or 1 small bottle Cool whip fresh cream

Raspberry & Fruit Custard Pudding 

1.Prepare the vanilla custard pudding  (based on instructions on the instant pudding box)  custard should be thick consistency and not runny. Allow custard to  cool for about an hour in refrigerator.
 If you are making custard using custard powder, first boil the milk, lower heat. Mix 1/4 milk in a bowl with 5 tbs custard powder and add gradually to the warm milk,cook for another 3 to 4 minute,mixing till custard appears thickened. Remove from heat and cool,refrigerator for an hour before using.
2.Prepare Jello, using raspberry or a flavor of your choice look at the instructions on the Jello box. Allow the jello to set in the refrigerator.
3.Cut the fruits .Strain the fruits from the fruit tin.
4.In a round serving bowl, begin layering the desert. First cut the cake into small slices. Place cake at the bottom of the bowl. Apply thin layer of raspberry jam  on to the cake slice's. Cover with a layer of fruits, next add alayer of custard pudding, next a layer of jello, followed by another layer of cake slices, again followed by fruits, next layer of custard, followed by layer of jello, keep repeating these layers till the top of the bowl.
5.On the top most layer add a layer of cool whip fresh cream , jello and fresh strawberries. Refrigerate before serving.


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