Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cruise Trip to Mexico

Friends, today I would like to share with you some memories of a cruise trip my family and I took to Mexico in December 2011. We went with our friends and their children. We were eleven of us on this beautiful Carnival Spirit Cruise. It was 7 day trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It was our first ever cruise trip and obviously we were all very excited. Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful town with gorgeous beach touching the Pacific Ocean. The weather was nice and warm in December, though the water was a bit cold. People in this city were very fun loving and pleasant to talk to. Place and people reminded me of Goa, very laid back, relaxing and fun town. Main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. 
Ocean View in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Their food culture is quite similar to our staple Indian food. While we have Rotis, Vegetable, Lentils, Meat and Rice, Mexican food consists of Tortillas (similar to Rotis), Beans, Meat, Vegetable and Rice. Their food is very tasty and colorful. We went to this small mexican restaurant which had awesome food and excellent Tequila. Tequila is famous alcohol from Mexico which is used in making drinks such as Margarita. We enjoyed the food and the Tequila. I am sharing some pictures of the dish we enjoyed. This is Chicken Enchilada. 

Chicken Enchiladas

I would also like to share some pictures of Cabo San Lucas and the famous Tequila. 


More pictures of Cabo San Lucas......
Colorful Glass work at the factory


  1. Wow , what a presentation of your cruise trip to Mexico

  2. The trip sounds awesome. I have always wanted to go to Mexico. The food and the sea are for everyone to enjoy.
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