Tuesday, September 1, 2015

European Holiday

Hi Friends and my dear readers, Hope you all are doing great and as for myself I just returned back from a beautiful holiday, visiting some countries in Europe. The beauty of these places made me want to share this lovely experience of travelling. The travel through the country side was a delight. And not to forget the smooth travel by  trains, that aren't only comfortable, but also always on time and well connected to all the places there.

First we went to Amsterdam & stayed there for 2 days. We took a direct flight from California to Amsterdam. The day we reached we roamed around the city center as our Hotel was right in the city and most of the places around are walking distance. People there bike a lot, and for tourist too they can hire bikes, or there are trams, hop on / hop off buses or a beautiful ride on the canal by the boats that makes it look romantic. They serve wine and do candle light canal cruise.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises 

Amsterdam Cruise 

Day 3 we took a train to Brussels, by their luxury high speed train called Thalys Express. The train has red velvet seats and they serve snacks & drinks. Brussels was a 3 hour train ride from Amsterdam. The ride was a treat to  eyes with open green fields & beautiful country side.The day we reached Brussels we took their brochure, and found places of interest to see. The Cathedral was close to Hotel, so we walked over. It was beautiful , peaceful church with stained glass window works.

Thalys Train 

Then we walked over to Grand place, that is like their main attraction and it is just seeing is believing. Amazing splendid architecture. While we were there we were fortunate to experience a flower show in the city center. They had made awesome flower arrangements, with their colorful real flowers.
Flower show 

We treated ourselves at their cute quaint chocolate shops, and to waffles that are very famous there.
Next day we took a day trip from Brussels to a near by place that has models of Mini Europe, also very interesting place. It also has an atomium structure. You an actually take an elevator to the top and view the full of Brussels from there.

Mini Europe

Windmills at Mini Europe 

Next day we left back for Amsterdam and took a flight to London. Only an hour flight from Amsterdam, you can also take a train to London.We were there for 3 days in London.
First day we saw the famous London eye. My cousin lives there so it helps to have a local there so you can pick and choose the main places. She gave us good advice to buy the London eye ticket on fast track online, that way you save on standing in the long lines!
London Eye

Buckingham Palace 

Next we walked across the river Thames, and reached Piccadilly square where we treated ourselves to London high tea , an experience not to miss :)) London is so well connected with Tube, the metro system there should be applauded, and is very convenient. Since London is an English speaking city, as a tourist you don't face the language problem, which can be seen in Europe otherwise.

Day 5 we had booked tickets to see Buckingham palace, a palace that has over 700 rooms!!! Dignitaries from all over the world visiting London, are hosted by the royal family at the palace.

After walking so much we sat for lunch at an English pub and relished fish and chips.

Day 6 we saw the famous London bridge and walked around and went to Harrods, which in my opinion was over hyped , but anyways we enjoyed London for its land marks.

Next day we flew back to Amsterdam, where I met with my dear friend of school,a dream come true !!! as we all met for a school reunion after 30 years !!! this all was possible when 10 of us agreed to come to Amsterdam, where a friend of us hosted us all at her place, thanks to her and to all the friends who came from different parts of the globe to make this possible and we stayed together for a week at our friends place , each day was filled with chats, laughs and all the madness one can imagine.
Then we all flew back and I went to Boston for my daughters college, to set up her apartment.
This has been a wonderful experience that I wish one should experience and the memories of it will remain forever

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