Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kulfi falooda

 Kulfi is frozen Indian ice-cream  that is creamy and served chilled with or without  falooda ( they are  like rice noodles) and  topped with rose syrup. This combination is  a delight to the palate and a must in most Indian get together including weddings.

This is a very simple yet tasteful version of making kulfi

Ingredients for kulfi making.
Mixing  the ingredients 
Add in nuts
5oz cups filled  ready to be chilled after covering each cup with silver foil.

 14 oz sweet condensed milk
 12 oz evaporated milk
 12 oz heavy whipping cream
 16 oz cool whip
1/4 cup coarsely ground unsalted pistachios and almond mix, with 1/4 tspn saffron.

For falooda 

1 250 gm store bought Falooda packet (available at Indian store)
Boil  falooda by heating  2 cups water and as it boils, close the heat and drain the falooda and refrigerator ready falooda for about 30 minutes to an hour.
1/2 cup rose syrup to drizzle 1 tspn on each served kulfi.
Method: 1.In a medium bowl add condensed milk, next add in evaporated milk,heavy whipping cream, and cool whip, using a hand blender mix it all together, its that simple.Lastly add in the ground nuts, and saffron.
Line up 16 to 20, 5 oz cups and pour in the mixture , cover with silver foil and freeze these cups for 2 to 3 hours.

After they are ready, before serving rub the sides of  cups with the palms of your hand this  will help to take out  kulfi easily. Serve chilled and top with falooda and rose syrup.


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