Sunday, January 6, 2013

Event Awards Announcement

Hi Friends,

The month of December, with all its celebrations, was a busy month for all of us. Yet some of you took out the time and effort to take part in the Herbs and Spice contest and the result is in front of us.There is great collection of interesting recipes for all of us to enjoy. Thanks Julie for giving me this opportunity to co host the event , it was a pleasure and would love to continue  hosting many more events.

The  event round up is given below,so please take your awards and post them on your blog :)

In all there were 5 categories of awards

1. Participation award
2. Top contributor award
3. Healthy dish award
4. Innovative recipe award
5.Best Presentation  award

It was very hard to pin point as every one's dishes were special in their own way. But still as its important to mention the following are the results.

1. Participation award is for all participants. Please paste this award on your blog page as a big thanks for the effort and you deserve it fully.

To All Participants 

2. The most number of dishes were sent by Sandhya  Ramakrishnan of  My cooking journey. She  has sent 16 entries .Congratulations Sandhya and thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes. Please collect your two awards Participation award and Top contributor award for this contest.

spice 4.jpg
Award  given to Sandhya of My cooking journey

3. The Healthy dish award goes to Kitchen Queen ( for the yummy and healthy Methi Dhebras. Please collect your Healthy dish award and paste it on your blog. Also collect the participation award too.

Award given to Kitchen Queen of

4. Innovative dish award goes to Nandini from for  her dish of Chicken lollipop that she has made and presented so well. Please collect this award and the participation award too.

spice 5.jpg
Award givent to Nandini from

5. The  best presentation  award goes to Chandrani of cusine delights for the  dish Tangri kebabs she made using the micro wave. Please collect your award for the creative dish and another award for participation.

spice 2.jpg
Award given to Chandrani of

Viya S


  1. Thanks Viya for the awards! I was wondering if something is wrong with the Award images you have posted. They seem to be blurred. Would appreciate if you could look into it. Thanks.

  2. Hello Viya,

    The images look blurred. Also, could you please give a link to the round-up of events here? I didn't find them in this page.

    1. Ruchi, the event round up link is here...

  3. Thank you for the award! It was a lovely event.

  4. Thank u for the award. Viya, please send my award in my mail.Picture of the award can't open.

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